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Accomplished Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Virginia Beach

Former prosecutors bring knowledge and experience to your defense

If you’ve been arrested on a serious criminal charge, you’re undoubtedly upset and anxious about your future. But if you call The Stallings Law Group, P.C., you can feel the immediate benefit of having a skilled and determined legal team fighting on your side. Our firm takes an aggressive approach to criminal defense. Our defense team seizes the initiative, challenging state and federal authorities to make their case beyond any reasonable doubt. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your arrest, identifying facts that may expose any weaknesses in the case against you. Although no attorney can guarantee results, we promise to fight vigorously on your behalf to achieve the best outcome possible.

Strength in well-rounded knowledge and experience

At our firm, we rely on specific knowledge gained through trial practice on both sides of the aisle. Moody E. “Sonny” Stallings served as Senator in the Commonwealth of Virginia where he actively championed legislation. “Sonny” has significant jury trial experience litigating various civil and criminal charges all over the Tidewater area. E. Daniel de Lalla served as Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Virginia Beach and Portsmouth, where he gained jury trial experience handling serious and complex criminal matters.

Ready to defend against criminal charges in Virginia Beach

Our vast experience extends to all types of state and federal felony and misdemeanor cases. We most commonly represent clients accused of:

  • DUI/DWI — Virginia prosecutes drunk driving aggressively as a misdemeanor offense, rather than a traffic violation. You can lose your license, pay huge fines and increased insurance premiums, and perhaps even serve jail time.
  • Drug crimes — From simple possession of marijuana to trafficking cocaine, drug crimes carry serious consequences.
  • Traffic violations — For some drivers, an additional moving violation on their record can mean the loss of their license, a heavy fine and skyrocketing insurance premiums.
  • Property crimes — Acts such as vandalism or shoplifting may not pose an immediate threat to public safety, but they still come with serious consequences and damage your reputation.
  • Juvenile adjudications — We represent youthful offenders to minimize any damage to their future prospects.

With every case we undertake, we fight with passion to deliver the best outcome possible.

Contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys in Virginia Beach

The Stallings Law Group, P.C. fights to protect your Constitutional rights and minimize the negative consequences of your arrest. We offer a free (30 min.) consultation. We make jail visits whenever necessary. Call us today at 757-422-4700 or contact our office online.